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Meet the non-Jewish
communities of Israel

A unique lecture series featuring 12 community representatives, hosted by Dr. Steven J. Klein

Connecting with the Other

We can’t understand Israeli society fully without knowing the stories of its indigenous and minority communities. For many, the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state was no less than a miracle. However, it has also created challenges to the relationship between the country’s Jewish and non-Jewish residents. 

Through Dr. Steve Klein’s lecture series “Non-Jewish communities of Israel,” based on a course he taught at Ben-Gurion University from 2014 until 2020, you will have the opportunity to meet a dozen representatives of Israel’s non-Jewish communities. You will hear their stories and the work they are doing to change Israeli and communal life for the better. 


The course is for anyone of any age who is curious to learn about other cultures and identities.

But take note - space is limited to preserve an intimate atmosphere!
Sign up by September 15th and qualify for a 10% early bird discount. 


Introductory lecture on Oct. 3 is FREE! 


Guest lecturers
to choose from


Lectures are 90 minutes


Extra material and exchanges with Steve to deepen your understanding


October-January on Sundays; contact me to learn about other series


7pm Israel Time

6pm Cent. Eur. Time
9am-noon USA Time


(click to join the free seminar on October 3)


$30 individual lecture
$70 package of 3
$190 entire series


Meet Dr. Klein

Bringing people together of different backgrounds is my passion. My favorite part of teaching about Israel’s non-Jewish population, which I have done for over 15 years, has always been seeing how my students and the community representatives connect with each other. In 2012, I earned a Ph.D. in conflict management and negotiation from Bar-Ilan University. Professionally, I am an adjunct instructor at both Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University. I am also a senior editor at Haaretz English Edition, where I have contributed numerous articles on issues touching on regional and international conflict as well as Israeli society. Raised in Minnesota and North Carolina, I immigrated to Israel in 1991 and live in Modi’in with my family.


Meet the speakers